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* The renew Self is the restore World.

Recently, a new era has begun.

This new cosmic template has a far more different perspective how to live.

The reason is the original sun, her illuminated rays are coming in.

From another universe this sun is, her rays of tonal symphony are in connection with the sun we experience on Earth.

These rays have a different kind of light and frequency.

More light comes in.

This means we are now ready, to co-create from the heart, far more faster and easier than before.

The pure heart energies, your inner being, can work together with a harmonized brain.

A harmonized brain is free from outside input.

This inner embodiment attracts now same lightening heart energies.

So, co-creation all together from source nature becomes now, faster, our heart-based realization in our surroundings.

In the old template, first duality had to cancel one and another out.

What I feel is the importance to re-learn and remember how this works.

It is already within you, to touch, understand and so experiencing into your life.

I will present a course about this theme.

During this course, the following will be clarified:

* The old world, the new world.

* New cosmic worldview and insights.

* The old and new alchemical structure how light and frequency worked | works.

* The change, the original sun, new rays come in.

* How to live from the pure heart and brain, free from outside input.

* The components to be self-unique with determination in life.

I can also recommend my new book, songs of poetry~ cosmic nature.

Within these songs of poetry are the light and frequency of cosmic nature.

They are written to balance the hearing, the seeing and feeling.

This stimulates the integration and embodiment of the pure emotions.



* The link to the book Songs of Poetry.

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