Willeke is a representative of Divine Source.

She feels passionate about all cosmic life and is conscious of it's original nature.

The Earth we experience is a part of a larger whole perspective.


For planet Earth, she keeps an endless special space.

Especially the re-balance of the Earth, she is compassionate connected with.

" It is a naturally feeling, this inner connection, a memorized energy source, who I am."

The ancient wisdom, she holds within, inspires her and brings forth the power of cosmic life force.

To inspire people in a heartfelt way to (re)connect with their true cosmic nature.

A heartbased worldview, the anchorpoint of creating a life, fully expressed in the unique way you are!

Her writings, speakings and teachings are a blend of original mystical knowledge and the Toltec wisdom. Both brings us to the ever unfolding unified self-sovereign expression of the force of life.


The Life's Artistry will be found in her projects Songs of poetry and The power of garments.

The songs of poetry is an expression of resourceful life. The power of garments is a project to design and create garments, handcrafted with the sophisticated and finest couture skills. To become aware of the effect that the clothing has, when wearing.

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